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At The Home Project we've refined a way of collaborating with artisans that results in renewed interpretations of everyday objects. Over the years we've been developing personal and professional relationships with craftspeople in remote locations.
We are wholly smitten with their traditional craft techniques and natural materials, and we’re also fascinated by the making process itself. For this, we strive to value process and tradition. By working this way, we understand that the resulting individual qualities are essential to the exclusivity and value of each item.

Often the distinctive features that are exclusive to handmade pieces inherit stories we'd like to tell. This is why we’ve decided
to sell pieces directly to you.

. . .

Our pieces are mainly utilitarian. We want you to use each item extensively and use it daily. And for that reason, we want to keep prices affordable.
Several items can be bought as pre-sale items only. This works much like crowdfunding; place your order within a set time period and if a target number is reached we begin production and items will be shipped to you several weeks later.