Bottle Containers

Bottle Containers

30 EUR
Bottle Containers
The selected bottles are cut in two different heights and finished with a lid in cork and olive wood.
Wood from old olive trees is very hard and difficult to work with, which gives the lids a slightly knobbly and organic shape that makes them unique.

In the package: 1 low + 1 high

material: Recycled glass + Olive Wood + Cork
dimensions: Ø 8 X 8 cm (approx)
dimensions: Ø 8 X 16 cm (approx)
handcrafted in Portugal

Please Note:
Natural material deserve careful handling. Inevitably changes to the material’s appearance can occur with use. Please do not clean the wooden board in the dishwasher. You may varnish the piece with olive oil every once in a while to preserve the woods appearance.

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