Fine Red Clay Jar + Cups

Fine Red Clay Jar + Cups

79 EUR
AVAILABLE ON REQUEST ONLY. Please contact us via email.

Hand-thrown Fine Clay set.
Through the carefully controlled firing process the pieces become shock resistant. This process allows a very delicate material thickness. Elevating red clay to the feeling of fine porcelain.
Jar & 2 Cups    
Ø 7 x 21 cm (jar) (approx)
Ø 7 x 10,5 cm (cup) (approx)
material: Glazed (inside) red clay
handcrafted in Portugal
photos: Vasco Célio / Stills
*produced on request means that production starts once you placed your order. This also means that shipping can take several weeks. Be patient and enjoy the idea that your purchase puts skilled craftsmen to work.